• T-Shirt Friday #6 – Webstock


    Everyone knows that professional conference goers like myself attend events not to listen to presentations, not to network but to collect schwag. Over the past couple of years I’ve done fairly well collecting tech t-shirts and I decided to create a weekly series critiquing tech companies t-shirt offerings in the expectation that a company with a great t-shirt is a prime candidate to have a great product also. Click here to see the series.

    If you’d like your t-shirt reviewed, flick me an email to arrange things. The judges decision is, of course, final and very little correspondence will be entered into (perhaps)..

    Not completely a tech company t-shirt but rather the t-shirt of a tech event. Webstock is one of the best web events I’ve been to, anywhere in the world. Held at the start of the year, Webstock attracts a fantastic line up of speakers who generally take the opportunity of a late summer tour of LOTR-land. Webstock has the best schwag of any conference, always impeccably designed and made. The Webstock T is a chic black number with exceptional tailoring.

    DSCF5085 Hot  

    • The Webstock logo is uber cool – gold text with a native New Zealand Tui bird relaxing on the curve of the “b”
    • Lovely tailoring – form fitting and flattering (or so my more sartorial friends tell me) 


    • Made in China – and we all know what that means….
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